PARS can also complete Vocational and Dementia Assessments

Dementia Assessments

A decline in cognitive functioning, including memory, is a normal part of the aging process. But when cognition deteriorates beyond age related expectations, it might be an indication that an individual is suffering from dementia.

Standard neuropsychological tests with appropriate age norms are used to assess current cognitive status and determine if the deterioration in mental function is due to dementia or some other, potentially reversible, underlying cause. Repeat assessment at some future date is also valuable in assessing potential decline with time.

Vocational Assessments

When an individual's ability to work competitively is compromised, a vocational assessment can be an important step in identifying appropriate employment options.

A vocational assessment is the process of determining an individual's interests, abilities and aptitudes and skills to identify vocational strengths, needs and career potential.

A vocational assessment consists of the administration of a battery of objective tests designed to assess intellectual functioning, work related aptitudes, academic skills, vocational interests, personality traits and self-reported physical / functional limitations. In addition to formal test findings, consideration is given to an individual's medical, vocational, and academic background, as well as other pertinent information.

The goal of this evaluation is to identify specific employment barriers, which may encompass cognitive, physical or emotional factors, and to guide recommendations for suitable employment alternatives if necessary.

Dr. Pachet completes stand-alone vocational assessments and he also completes vocational assessments as part of a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment.